What It’s Like to Have Schizophrenia

I was walking my dog. We have a large lawn, and I walk in it. My dog romps around, and I see my sister, staring at a fern, looking away from me. What’s she doing there? How did she get there? Her back is towards me.

I can’t see anything up from her waist, what’s going on? She’s wearing her shorts and I can tell it’s her, she always wear them and it looks like her. My heart starts pounding. Get away, get away. I sprint away from that thing, and pull my dog on my leash with me in the opposite direction.

Run run run. I stop running, and pant, my hands on my knees. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t’ve been real.

I want to go back, to check, but I can’t. I’m too scared. I keep walking and it looks like the shadows are pulling closer. I scream. Ghosts start appearing, and they’re whispering but I can’t hear them. I keep running. A ghost dog comes up to me. He isn’t as scary. He just looks sad. Wait, no, that’s my dog.

And she’s terrified.

I pull her closer. The spirits most be scaring her, poor girl. Shh I whisper. They won’t get you when I’m around. I rock back and forth and that’s how I’m found thirty minutes later.

What’s it like, you ask? It’s terrifying. I don’t know what’s real. I know this is real, I think. I can live my life but when hallucinations start up I can’t tell, looking back on it, what actually happened. I’d give anything not to have this. Please feel grateful.

This article was originally published on Quora by an anonymous author.