10 Ways to Show Yourself a Little Love

What is self care? The definition of self care is any action to intentionally take care of our physical, mental, or emotional health. In our busy lives, we find ourselves pulled in many directions by our many obligations – career, family, financial, romantic, friendships. The media tells us we need to squeeze time in to exercise and take care of our bodies, but little is being said about doing the same for our mental health. As a result, we may be neglecting a big part of our overall health.

Whether you’re in the workplace, still a student, or anywhere at any other point in life – self care matters. Below, our team has compiled a few quick and easy ways to take care of your overall health. Our list is a starting point, and you might realize that you’re already doing a few of these. If so, we encourage you to share this anyone who might need a little reminder to do the same!

  1. Find a corner of the library to read something you’ve always wanted to learn about. Whether it’s a new recipe or javascript, learning a new topic and stimulating our brains with new information can be one of the most invigorating experiences.
  2. Call someone you care about just to say hi. In the age of Snapchat and text messages, calling someone can feel a bit strange, but research says that the power of voice can significantly enhance personal relationships.
  3. Take five deep breaths and feel yourself relax. Oxygen does amazing things for our bodies. Often, when we’re stressed, our bodies tense up and our breaths are shallow. Deep breaths will help relax our muscles and clear our heads.
  4. Write down something that you’re thankful for – it can be something as small as the stranger who held open the door for you. The point here is to recognize and appreciate the small things that are going right in life. Bonus points for reciprocating!
  5. Take a bath (or a long, steamy shower)! Lather up with your favorite soap and feel the hot water melt away any worries you might be holding onto. Great baths can feel cathartic as you wash away any bad vibes.
  6. Make a playlist that captures how you currently feel. Put it on repeat. Let yourself sink into the melody, and feel the lyrics carry away any emotions that have been weighing you down.
  7. Go outside and look at the stars. Remind yourself of how small you are relative to the universe. Often, we are caught up in things we can’t control. Seeing the big sky above us can remind us to not let the things we can’t change get us down.
  8. Go on a walk, and look carefully at all the things going on around you. Find beauty in something that you’ve never noticed before. Take a mental photo.
  9. Hand-write a note. Address it to yourself, a friend, or a complete stranger. Externalize a little piece of yourself to share with the world.
  10. Get a haircut. If it feels right, go for a style that you’ve always wanted to try. The great thing about hair is that it always grows back. Either way, even a trim can help you feel renewed and ready to tackle on the world.

Self care begins with one little step. It is really just taking a few minutes out of the day to do something for yourself, but these little steps compound and can make a huge difference in how you feel over time. Why not give it a try today?

This post was written by Cathy Liu. Please send any questions or concerns to content@subconscious.org.

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