Tumblr Post it Forward

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend Tumblr’s Post It Forward Summit at Tumblr HQ in New York City. We shared in discussion, heard stories of strength and tragedy, and rejoiced to celebrate one other in an outpour of love and acceptance.

Post it Forward is an ongoing initiative that originated as a summer campaign from Tumblr’s creative labs, addressing the stigmas around mental and emotional health through community building and conversation. People could make a video expressing their solidarity with those affected, hashtag their own struggles with #PostItForward, or leverage digital media to uncover creative ways of engaging with others (these gifs were amazing!).

Tumblr Post it Forward

Tumblr Headquarters

Beyond the awesome view (see above), food, and refreshments, we heard from several other partners, including Refinery29, The Trevor Project, Love Is Louder, and NAMI, who led discussion groups on key topics and ancillary issues such as body image, bullying and self esteem, and even challenges in navigating through mental health insurance policy.

Guests also showcased the projects they’ve worked on to help counter mental health stigma in their communities, both online and off (check out this collection from R29!). As the event wore on, we soon realized an unsurprising, yet humbling truth in the conversations of the night: everyone everywhere every day has a story to tell, and the power of sharing creates a unique web of commonality, empathy and empowerment.

People could laugh, cry, and relate to one another. They could be vulnerable in knowing that they weren’t alone in the struggles they’ve faced, and take solace in the triumph of love and the resilience of community.

This is where we take inspiration from here at Subconscious – Post It Forward took several great strides forward in encouraging the world to create safe environments in which those in need can navigate the unfathomable. While so much has been done, even more lies ahead. Through whatever trials and tribulations may plague you, know that your experiences are far from singular, and that you have a support system in all of us. I walked by a row of posters on my way out:

“We’re all in this together. The story of your life can change someone else’s. #PostItForward.”


To learn more about #PostItForward, visit their page at postitforward.tumblr.com.

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This post was written by Allison Chang. Please contact allison@subconscious.org with any questions.